Sage Hen Reservoir

Idaho has over 7200 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and many of them are interconnected, making it possible to travel super long distances. We parked at the Wellington lot at Smiths Ferry, and our intention was to make it to Dry Buck Summit via this map saved on our phone. The trail itself offered many more roads and turns than the map indicated, so we got lost. Dan had a GPS to help us get back to the lot, and my mind was singing a song on repeat just in case: Right left right right, left right left left…. needless to say, we improvised our route and our trip turned into the 44-mile Sage Hen Reservoir Trip!

Aside from enjoying the views, I like to ponder the fresh footprints that we come across: lots of bunnies, someone must have already done this trip on an ATV – oh wait, were there 2 of them? because its tracks just split up. Or maybe it was just going back home. Human footprints and dog prints. People must have camped (in the winter?) and gone for a walk. Anyway, it was a refreshing and gorgeous experience.

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